What you need to know before building retaining walls

From the contrast they create between the texture and the surrounding greenery, to the grandeur of the elevated terraces, or the breathtaking natural finish, indeed retaining walls boast a lot of aesthetic value to a home or property. However, the primary purpose of retaining walls is to prevent soil erosion in sloped terrains to ensure the stability of the area.

Because retaining walls offer both structural integrity and beauty to your home, it increases the value of your property. It also helps maximize your yard space and prevent flooding, and at the same time, lessen the maintenance needed for your yard.

So, if you are planning to build a retaining wall, it’s best to have some knowledge so you can choose what is best for your location and preference.

Retaining walls come in different types based on the materials used to build them. Here are the most common types:

Natural Rock Walls

One of the most popular types is the rock walls, and it’s easy to know why. Rock walls are sturdy and long-lasting. It may not be the most economical route during installation, but in the long run, it is a cost-efficient choice because it lasts for ages if not centuries.

In Park City, UT, most homeowners opt for rock walls because of their material strength and the natural appeal they add to their homes. The boulders used in these projects are usually made up of quartz or sandstone from the nearby mountains of Peoa. If you are located in a different state, the rocks or boulders used for the retaining walls might be different depending on what is abundant in your area.

Steel Walls

Installing steel sheet piles as retaining walls has recently gained fame for homeowners who opt for a contemporary look. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, steel sheet piles are also applicable to any soil type and are relatively quick to install compared to concrete walls.

Concrete Walls

Concrete block walls can be your inexpensive option. Although they may look a bit basic, you can enhance them with veneer masonry to achieve a textured exterior wall. It is also a good choice for industrial places that need high walls since the structural strength of precast concrete block walls allows them to be stacked at specific heights.

If you are looking for a decorative option, you can go for paver walls. Pavers are also made from concrete but are available in various patterns, shapes, or colors that will match the design of your house.

Brick Walls

Brick walls are known for the traditional and rustic vibe they offer. Brick is made from clay, which is why they usually come in red, orange, or tan hues. Brick walls can be costly but offer amazing aesthetics and long-lasting durability.

Aside from preventing soil erosion and enriching the beauty of your landscape, there are a few more benefits retaining walls offer.

Professional construction companies like Dream Custom can help you create a new design for your backyard, especially if you are located in elevated cities in Utah like Park City, Salt Lake City, and Heber City. Having sloping areas might limit your backyard space. However, adding retaining walls can change the contour of the landscape and build the outdoor design you have envisioned for your home.

Retaining walls can be utilized to create flat surfaces in otherwise sloped areas, thus creating a new usable space. These newly-built extensions can be turned into planting beds for additional flora or into an added outdoor living space.

Without retaining walls, moisture can create pools of water to your plants or grass at the bottom of the sloping area of your home. Installing retaining walls help lessen the frequency of replacing the greenery in your yard, thus, reducing the amount of maintenance needed.

Because retaining walls can hold the soil in place, they also help control flooding during heavy rains. Retaining walls can be designed to divert the rainwater usable for irrigation of planting beds and grass in your yard or for water features in your home.

With these in mind, retaining walls are beneficial to the overall structure of your home. If you are located in a flat or leveled area and want to achieve an eye-catching accent on your landscape, you can create DIY small retaining walls in your garden.

However, if your area needs excavation to create a strong retaining wall, it is best to rely on the experts like Dream Custom. This is to ensure that the entire process of installing a retaining wall is done properly to achieve a functional, durable, and attractive structure.

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Client Testimonials

Incredible experience from start to finish on landscaping for our new home. Dream Custom was FANTASTIC – they were fair with pricing (which is NOT common, especially with new builds), they were excellent communicators (daily texts, updates, pictures), the crew was so friendly and worked SO hard, and they finished on time. We absolutely love how it all looks and couldn’t be happier with our experience with Dream Custom!

Randi P.
Park City, Utah


Francisco and his team just completed a wonderful landscaping job for us.

His team did the design and implementation. The work consisted of removal of over 5K sq ft of sod and replacing this with a design of boulders, rocks, mulch and plants. The sprinkler system was converted to drip irrigation.

The landscape designer (Sophia) did a marvelous job. She also followed and complied with Park City’s strict requirements for landscaping details and plant types to meet the City’s landscaping codes as well as the additional requirements needed for the the City’s rebate incentive.

The job was on time. The workers friendly and professional. I would heartily recommend Francisco and his company.

Tim Govin
Park City, Utah


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